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A community focused on improving the Oregon coffee industry from origin to cup.

Join the Oregon Coffee Board and become a member today! The Oregon Coffee Board has a membership for everyone, and the benefits are valuable to every member. Find the best membership type for you!

Individual Membership Benefits

You love coffee! You may not work in the trade and craft of coffee, but you'd love to be involved in the programs and events held by the OCB.

Special Member - 50% off for

  • Additional Tickets
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Membership Card
  • Invitation to monthly 531 Meetings
  • 1 Scratcher Card
Value of $110 worth of coffee
$50annually Sign Up

Company Membership Benefits

Your business is coffee and you operate in Oregon. You import, roast, or sell coffee, or your product or service is dedicated to coffee professionals.

  • Membership Card: Two Included for Free and $10 for each additional membership cards for staff
  • Special Member Pricing for Events: Four tickets included to educational events.
  • 50% off for additional tickets for card carrying staff members.
  • Company listed on website directory
  • Company featured on OCB official social media platforms once a year
  • Monthly invitations to 531 Meetings
  • Monthly Newsletter
membership cards for staff
$10annually Sign Up

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