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Randy Matheny

  • Board Member


  • Intentional Espresso Co.


Randy Matheny, aka Angry Barista, is really not an angry guy. He’s just mad about bad coffee. Growing up, the only way he’d drink coffee was when it was loaded with sugar and heavy cream. Eight years ago, however, through a turn of events, Randy discovered his very refined palate and learned to love the nuance and tastes of coffee in its pure form. Now, he’s the owner of Intentional Espresso Company, one of Portland’s premier mobile espresso caterers. When he’s not helping people be the ultimate host with exceptional coffee, he loves spending time with his daughter playing super heroes and teaching her about portafilters, tampers and how to pull the perfect shot. He also loves networking and working out of the many fantastic cafes in our city. His biggest desire with coffee is to help others understand and experience good coffee – as it should be.

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