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Lionheart Coffee
11421 SW Scholls Ferry Road Beaverton OR 97008

5:31p Meeting – September 6th – Lionheart Coffee

5:31 PM
7:30 PM

Come join us for our June 5:31 club meeting at Lionheart Coffee. There will be a fun and unique educational "Match that Cup" event and competition starting at 6:30p - More info to come. Food and beverages provided and event is open to all coffee enthusiasts, OCB Members, baristas, roasters, importers, etc. A great chance to network and to also learn about the Oregon Coffee Board.

Info on the competition:

‘Match that Cup’ Coffee Cupping Competition

Open to all with an entry fee of $5 (If we have great prize packages, I’d love for the entry fee to be used towards a non-profit coffee/industry related organization/initiative approved the the OCB)

Registration starts at 6:15pm with $5 entry competitors receive a ‘Match that Cup’ score sheet that we will create & provide. At the registration table we will instruct competitors to return their score cards to that table when they have completed their pass through.

Table Setup

Introduction Table: 10 cups labeled numerically and with Origin & Roaster names
Blind Table: 10 cups of the same coffees used on the intro table but in different order and labelled alphabetically.

Cups to be prepared using SCA cupping protocol (Cole and Andrew from Elevator have offered to help out)

Passing round starts promptly at 7pm and will have a hard stop at 7:30p

We will allow time to score the cards. Finalists will compete in a head to head triangulation. We can conduct two rounds if we have more too many finalists.

1st place winner gets grand prize package, Swag for 2nd and 3rd.