Scholarship Competition

OCB is offering scholarships to SCA Qualifiers for Cup Tasters, Roasters, Coffee in Good Spirits, Barista and Brewers!!

A scholarship includes entry fee, travel, food and beverage stipend, mentors and more!

We will be having a live competition in October for Brewers and Barista applicants. CIGS, Cup Tasters, and Roasters will have an essay entry. The first round of essay submissions will be due by 11:59PM on Sunday, September 15.The top 3 finalists for each category will be notified September 30. The winners of all categories will be announced at the live competition event in October.

Link to live competition eventbrite page here.

Sign up for the Brewers + Barista live competitions will open September 15th. Link to eventbrite page coming soon.

Submission Entry Details

  • *Please only submit for 1 of the 5 scholarship categories*


Submission(s) will be a 500 word (total) response to a general question, along with specifc questions for Roasters, Cup Tasters, or Coffee in Good Spirits competitions.

Submissions should be send to

Submissions will be scrubbed of name, gender, company or work affiliation before the judging process. (Please refrain from excessive references to current or past companies or coffee professionals in your submission). Submissions will be judged by the OCB Executive Board and awarded points based on 3 main considerations:

– Enthusiasm and originality

– Commitment to community

– Professionalism and personal growth

The Top 3 contestants from each category will be selected and will then be asked to do a presentation either in person or through video and the winner will be selected from one of the three.




Everyone who works for an OCB member company, or who is an enthusiast member is eligible to apply!

The Oregon Coffee Board’s code of conduct will apply to all contestants – see attached documents.


Submission Questions


General Question (all applicants must answer along with their specific category question): How do you anticipate growing yourself and the coffee community through this experience?


Cup Taster Essay Question: What was the very first coffee you fell in love with and why? How do you think you would feel about that same coffee today?

Coffee and Good Spirits Essay Question: What do you think this unique category can bring to the existing coffee culture?

Roaster Essay Question: What was the biggest preconceived notion you had about coffee roasting? How has that shaped your growth as a roaster?