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Central City Coffee

In 2013, Central City Concern (CCC) started a coffee roasting and distribution social enterprise to provide training and employment opportunities for people who are unemployed and receiving cash assistance (TANF) from the State of Oregon. Over the past five years, Central City Coffee expanded our retail presence and is now available in more than over 40 Oregon and Washington stores, as well as office coffee service and online ordering.

Our training program has grown as well. Early on, we decided to train some of CCC’s most vulnerable clients: single moms working to rebuild their lives after facing homelessness and substance use disorder. We found that Central City Coffee’s full-time, day shift hours were a great fit for mothers who needed a set schedule and reliable childcare to reenter the workforce. And the skills they learned—marketing, office administration, sales—set them up for success when seeking meaningful employment after training. Today, we remain committed to working with and training these amazing women so that they may become self-sufficent and independent.

Since 2013, Central City Coffee has employed 35 women, with 60 dependent children. The Central City Coffee program graduated 13 women in 2017 and 20 in 2018 with 80 percent of graduates having exited with employment or full-time education, with 90 percent exiting from our program with full-time employment.

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