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Shared Source

Green Coffee Agency

Shared Source is a green coffee agency working in select countries to facilitate robust, transparent and equitable trade between roasters and small-scale producers. We practice a model that empowers producers to farm regeneratively and to make a real living from coffee. Shared Source seeks to support smallholder producers who are consciously working to farm and process coffee in a way that is simultaneously profitable and environmentally conscious.

To support our long-term partners, we strive to be a reliable buyer who can be counted on for consistent purchases at fair prices, year after year. We do this by working with producers to calculate their projected production volumes and sharing our anticipated purchase volumes so they can go into their harvests with an understanding of the volumes we intend to purchase. In addition, we offer interest-free pre-financing to ease the burden of seasonal production. We advocate for the environment by supporting and purchasing from producers who are actively seeking ways to reduce their dependence on synthetic chemical inputs, tending to a diverse variety of plants and managing wastewater in a manner that protects soil and waterways. We promote and organize peer-to-peer agricultural training to assist producers to transition away from chemical inputs, and we incentivize regenerative agriculture by paying bonuses in addition to high prices for coffee in parchment, based on environmental initiatives taken by the grower.

We’re not content to accept the status quo. We care for people, communities, and Earth, in this order, all through paying more for quality.

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