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Spending way too much time and attention trying to sort out foreign matter, quakers and burnt beans? Sovda machines, made for specialty roasters, make sorting and packaging easier, faster and more precise.

With backgrounds touching every aspect of the specialty coffee industry, we’ve seen the pain points specialty roasters work through day-to-day and the lack of equipment made to meet their needs. We’ve also been witness to the often-difficult plight of coffee farmers and that was the spark of our mission driven innovation. We first developed sorting technology to help farmers, eventually realizing we could make more of an impact by applying this technology to helping specialty roasters add value to their product through a more efficient process that produces a more perfect roast.

Sovda machines are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. Our products have been developed and tested with the Torch Coffee Research & Development Lab. The Sovda Pearl Mini, Lift and Precision Fill are designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing operations of Specialty Coffee Roasters. Not only did we apply smart technology and elegant Scandinavian design principals to the specific requirements of specialty roasters, we designed our supply-side and manufacturing model to offer well-supported, quality machines at prices specialty roasters can afford.